Meet Taylor Tafelsky

Marketing & PR Associate

At SHEEHY strategies, Taylor Tafelsky plays an integral role on the team as marketing and PR associate. He actively contributes fresh ideas and agile ways to adapt to clients’ needs. Tafelsky implements key tactics as part of client and agency integrated marketing plans.

With client account management, he serves as the ultimate taskmaster to ensure the team is on track with client deliverables. Tafelsky leads research initiatives, creates graphics, manages social media campaigns and handles video editing and post-production. He is becoming the team’s go-to source for new technologies and brand-new digital platforms.

Prior to SHEEHY strategies, Tafelsky served the Montgomery County community as a middle school pastor. His responsibilities ranged from developing monthly program series, including speech writing and presenting, to middle school socialization activities and one-on-one counseling. Additionally, Tafelsky led and organized major community-driven events for hundreds of students and coordinated student conferences at off-site campuses.

Hailing from Grand Rapids, MI., holding a B.A. in Bible Studies with a minor in Psychology from Milligan College, Taylor brings a dynamically different perspective to marketing and public relations. Most notably, he has the ability to connect with Gen-Z who are digital natives, communicate differently and use technologies that most of their parents and grandparents have yet to discover.

Did you know?

  • Tafelsky lives in Phoenixville, PA with his wife Casey, his dog Tully and two cats Toothless and Tobasco.
  • For three years, as a middle school pastor, he has participated in hot sauce competitions, goldfish swallowing ‘games,’ and has shaved his head bald after losing competitions with students.
  • Tafelsky is five-time All-American in Track & Field and Cross Country.
  • He prides himself on being a life-long learner.  
  • In personality tests, Tafelsky scores a 5 on the Enneagram, known as “The Problem Solver.”  With Myers Briggs, Tafelsky is an INFP known as “The Mediator.”
  • Tafelsky loves discovering new hobbies, whether it be juggling, solving Rubik’s cubes, or rock climbing.


Taylor Tafelsky SHEEHY strategies Marketing & PR Associate