Our Approach

How We Practice PR

SHEEHY strategies is “a new breed of public relations” because its founder believes clients deserve a higher standard of inventiveness and agility.

Much like an elephant exploring the Sahara, SHEEHY strategies guides clients on a journey through the entire PR process. We start with research then navigate to planning. After a well-defined plan is established, we shift into the implementation phase and conclude by evaluating our successes and determine opportunities for growth and improvement. At each step, a consistent question remains:

Is the message we’re presenting consistent with the company’s brand promise?

Today a brand promise is far more than the value of producing the product or service itself.

The brand promise includes:

  • Practicing kindness and active compassion toward employees.
  • Living the values of the organization – from C-suite executive to frontline cashier.
  • Wholeheartedly believing in the company’s mission and creating and delivering products and/or services that make a positive difference.
  • Treating customers with the high level of care they deserve.
  • Listening intently to a diverse set of audiences and evolving business practices in order to do what is right and fair, over what is cheap and fast.
  • Giving back to the community in significant ways.

SHEEHY strategies is passionate about representing brands that have compelling stories to share all the while coaching them on meaningful ways to deliver on the brand’s promise.  To learn more about our services, visit What We Do.