Continuing Education

With a decade of experience teaching at the collegiate level, Ryan Sheehy-Cox, APR provides specialized training. Hands-on workshops and learning sessions include:


  • Business writing 101
    • Suffering from writer’s block when English is your second language?
    • Defining the 5Ws: The fundamentals of writing for public relations
  • How to give awe-inspiring presentations
  • How to cultivate mind-blowing creativity
  • Wrapping your brain around the entire PR process

Career Prep

  • How to define your unique skills and present your story professionally
  • How to (re)define a lasting personal image and self-brand
  • Set your own personal style while keeping professionalism top of mind

Mental Health

  • Breakdown to Brilliance: Honoring Insanity
    • Realizing the seven facets of brilliance
  • Breakdown to Brilliance: Addiction Defused
    • Promoting cultural shifts in business to support wellness

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