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As a new breed of public relations, we’re guided by principled methods and believe whole-heartedly that our mission is to drive behavior change – to inspire shifts in employee engagement, to foster an evolution of opinions within communities, and ultimately cultivate sincere brand loyalty to drive sales. The PR process is complex and encompasses all touch points of a business. Our goal is to deliver strategies that address your greatest needs while offering innovative initiatives that drive long-term success.

Breakthrough Branding

To rise above the competition, a marketer must create a lasting memory with potential customers while also delivering on the brand promise. SHEEHY strategies challenges our clients to do both. From spearheading strategic messaging to designing distinct visuals, we present a holistic approach to bring your brand to life. Through each step, we conduct extensive research to ensure your brand stands out in the marketplace while attracting brand loyalists. SHEEHY strategies manages:


Digital Marketing

A company’s digital footprint is vital to its overall PR success, especially with the ease of a simple Web search. SHEEHY strategies delivers an array of digital services based on needs and budget. From the development of fully responsive websites to the creation of eye-catching landing pages to delivering aggressive SEO strategies, our digital team performs tried-and-true tactics. With a thorough methodology, we’ll help your business appear high in search rankings with a message that’s brand consistent and connects appropriately with your target audience. Services include:



Blog development

Content marketing

Email marketing

Landing page creation

Remarketing & retargeting

Search engine marketing

Search engine optimization

Social media advertising

Website design / refresh



At SHEEHY strategies we coordinate and produce awe-inspiring events that drive key stakeholders into action and create buzz surrounding the business, industry, and community. Some examples include:

Familiarization tours

Fundraising galas

Launch events

Media previews


Internal Communication

Employees can and will be your strongest brand ambassadors given your company invests in strong internal communication strategies. We provide an array of services to showcase talented team members and help nurture cultural shifts within your organization. SHEEHY strategies can support you needs by producing:

Annual reports

Culture Building Campaigns

Electronic Newsletters

Printed Newsletters

Strategic Plans



Media Relations

Building mutually beneficial media relations is a dynamic interplay and must be handled with professionalism and sensitivity. With decades of experience managing national, regional, local and niche-market outlets, SHEEHY strategies will develop a strategic plan with multi-level initiatives to appeal to your diverse set of audiences. By leveraging stories that standout in the newsroom, we create materials that address the 5 Ws (who, what, when, where, why) while offering clever story angles that get attention. With the objective of securing publicity, SHEEHY strategies will garner coverage to build brand awareness to ultimately drive behavior change. Media relations services include:

Coverage Recaps

Editorial Calendars

Interview Preparation

Media Facilitation

Media List Development

Media Outreach Campaigns

Legacy Media Previews, tours, Launch events & Grand openings


Social Engagement

Each day brands slip in the social media sphere without the full realization of the long-term business impact. Like a broadcast channel, we approach social media with the same strategy: You never know who is watching/listening and your stories must be simple and appeal to a broad audience base. Unlike TV, however, social media has a unique sharing power. Using a carefully crafted hashtag, a simple post can spread like wildfire to bring about mass brand awareness. Just like the importance of relationship building with legacy media, it’s vital to build a rapport with social influencers who have their own loyal following. SHEEHY strategies will lead:

Content Creation 

Brand Consistancy

Creative Campaigns

Social Influencer Engagement


Multi-platform Management with Recommendations for services relevant for Industry and Target Audience(s) 


Thought Leadership

If we’re representing your brand, one of our objectives is to showcase you as a market leader. This can be showcased in a variety of ways depending upon your ultimate goals. Perhaps you’ve designed a product that serves a niche market? Let us design a creative strategy to stand out as a market leader. Maybe you’re in need of a hyper-local campaign? Empower us to create a grassroots campaign that connects with local opinion leaders. Quite possibly you’d like to provide advice to improve lives? Challenge us with the mission to develop contributed content that features commentary and a new perspective for the news media.