Our Spirit Animal

As an emblematic symbol, the elephant calls upon us to consistently uphold high ideals, while navigating the corporate jungle with a distinctive blend of strength and grace. This powerful icon serves as a reminder that, in the dynamic business landscape, embodying integrity and resilience is key to standing out and thriving.

Why did we choose the elephant as our spirit animal? The elephant boasts attributes that embody SHEEHY strategies' approach to business: knowledge, wisdom, loyalty, and strength.

Our utilization of the metaphorical elephant symbol is seamlessly woven into the fabric of our approach to how we operate in business, serving as a dynamic element that will manifest in diverse and meaningful ways throughout the entirety of our collaborative journey with clients. This symbol represents not just strength but also our commitment to leaving an indelible and positive impact on the strategies and narratives we craft together.

As a symbol, the elephant challenges us to consistently practice high ideals while remaining distinctive in the corporate jungle.

Part of the branding process is linking one’s image to an icon that embodies originality. We chose this spirit animal because:

  1. The elephant boasts attributes that signify SHEEHY strategies approach to business: knowledge, wisdom, loyalty and strength.
  2. The metaphoric use of the elephant symbol is incorporated into how we practice public relations and will come to life in various forms throughout our working relationship with our clients.
  3. Passionate about wildlife and majestic creatures, the elephant is our founder’s favorite animal.