Who We Are

SHEEHY Strategies was originally established in 2013 by Ryan Sheehy, APR as a creative agency. It then developed into a PR agency and now, a decade after its inception has evolved once again as SHEEHY strategies – a boutique agency that specializes in business strategy, marketing, holistic branding, digital media, community building and reputation management.

While most recently headquartered in Greater Philadelphia, PA, SHEEHY has expanded to the Southwest Florida market and welcomed Creative Director, April Bordeaux. This addition brings together two industry powerhouses: Ryan Sheehy, APR, a veteran marketing communication pro, and April Bordeaux, a visionary graphic design expert. With more than four decades of combined experience in corporate business strategy, marketing, public relations, brand identity and management, and design –– this collaboration promises to revolutionize the way businesses communicate brands and captivate audiences.

Our senior executives have deep roots in Southwest Florida. This hyper-local connection married with our global experience gives SHEEHY strategies a competitive edge, enabling us to better serve the diverse needs of our clients.

SHEEHY Strategies Global Reach

Our logo symbol and spirit animal

The SHEEHY strategies logo was inspired by an ancient icon that means achieving the impossible. Our team’s mission is to achieve the impossible for our partners, clients, and the communities we serve.

Spirit And Logo

The mighty elephant serves as the SHEEHY spirit animal. Although not obvious at first glance, SHEEHY and the elephant have some intriguing similarities. As a symbol, the elephant challenges us to consistently practice high ideals while remaining distinctive in the corporate jungle. Read more about our totem here.